Past Experiences With Presentations

To be honest, I’ve never really like giving presentations. Throughout middle school and into high school I was horrible at presenting and I always got extremely nervous. I think it was always really obvious as well (blushing, stuttering, etc.). However, as I went through high school and as I got into college, presenting became a lot easier. I still get nervous (as do most people I think) and I still have things to work on – I tend to talk really fast and I’m often not loud enough – however, presenting is no longer the bane of my existence like it used to be. I think in this case practice makes perfect. My advice to someone who has trouble presenting would be to do it more often. It may seem horrible at first but I think the more you do something the more comfortable you become with it. It also helps to remember that everyone gets nervous and that things you think people are noticing they probably aren’t noticing at all.


2 Responses to “Past Experiences With Presentations”

  1. hmarshall4 says:

    I completely agree. I always think that everyone is focusing on the stupidest little things, but then when I ask, they’re like “what are you talking about?” However, that doesn’t actually stop me from fussing about them.

    I talk really fast too, and I know it, which is the worst part. During a presentation, I can tell I’m talking really fast, and I tell myself “slow down, breathe” but that only works for about a second, then it’s back to racing through my oral.

  2. jsong2 says:

    I agree with you on “practice makes perfection.” I ususally get really nervous front my people and it is hard to keep up with a stead pace with my presentation. The more time you put in practicing it makes your muscle to memorize what to come next when you get stuck. I also realize that when I had enough practice, I don’t feel that nervous. I tend to relax bit more when I am giving presentation. I need to practice to keep in mind that people might not even catch small mistakes you made. When I realize that I made small mistake I get extremely nervous all of sudden thinking “oh..what are they going to think of me now?” So…Thanks for reminding me that people are not the small mistakes that I make.